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Innovative Quality & Testing

IQ.T Solutions

CAI has a full spectrum of quality assurance and testing solutions to meet the quality, testing, and risk management needs of your software development organization. CAI's IQ.T solutions simultaneously address defect prevention, defect detection, repeatability, and predictability to lower the total cost of ownership of your test ware while accelerating project velocity and reducing project risk.

Vericenter Test Factory (VTF)

VTF is a fully metrics-driven and measured Quality Center of Excellence (QCoE) total outsourcing of the quality assurance and testing function. Disciplined adherence to proven processes, innovative accelerators, and a flexible capacity model combine to reduce test ware TCO while improving overall quality. VTF is "best sized" to meet your specific business goals. Both processes and tools are engineered for efficiency and reduced TCO. Improved quality increases end user confidence.

Test Automation Strategy and Implementation

Based on your business, quality, and testing goals, CAI identifies where automation makes sense. CAI then engineers and implements a code architecture that optimizes resource efficiency, reduces test ware TCO, and compresses testing cycles while reducing business risk through greater test coverage.

Strategy Assessments

Strategy assessments are deep-dive investigations into a company's processes that identify opportunities for optimization. Strategy assessments define a baseline for the organization and processes that meet evolving business needs then provide an actionable roadmap from current state to optimized future state. Transformational implementation services actualize and institutionalize the roadmap and future state into efficient company resources.

Augmentation Services

Augmentation services are traditional staff supplementation servicing the need for on-demand skills. Project teams employ the same proven processes and innovative accelerators used in VTF to ensure that high quality software products are delivered on time and on budget.

IQ.T Innovation & Accelerators

CAI employs a number of innovations in distributed team management, quality assurance, manual, and automated testing. University research on global team management techniques are employed to reduce rework thus accelerating test cycles while improving quality, which reduces business risk. CAI's exclusive Test Vector is a resource-efficient risk-based approach to testing that accelerates testing cycles. CAI's automation framework reduces maintenance and accelerates creating automated test scripts while expanding test coverage, which reduces business risk. Knowledge retention using CAI's proven Application Knowledge Capture (AKC) and Application Knowledge Transfer (AKT) enables success with a flexible capacity model, which accelerates ramp-up of project resources. CAI's innovative IQ tests measure your organization's implementation and innovation quotients to determine your capabilities and effectiveness in current application quality and testing needs.

Test In Seconds

Test In Seconds makes the testing simple and painless from small site to complex applications with amazing features like Cross Browser Awesomeness, Catch The Little Things, Jumpstart your Way to 508 Compliance, Turbo Charge your Site's Speed, Eliminate Long, Costly Test Cycles, Clean Up Buggy Software, Break Through Bottlenecks.
With TIS one need not wait on for a lengthy downloads or consultations, can quickly complete the testing and get back to designing.
TIS's Aesthetic Features:

  • Spell check
  • Broken links
  • Browser screenshots
  • Accessibility
  • Performance
TIS's Functional Features:
  • Automated script creation
  • Expert consultation
  • Run tests across browsers
  • Quickly compare results
  • Plus all the aesthetic tests


  • Reduced risk achieved through greater test coverage

  • Reduced TCO achieved through lower maintenance, less rework, and reusable assets

  • Faster time-to-market achieved through "right the first time" and compressed testing cycles

  • Increased confidence achieved through on-time delivery and higher overall quality of final products